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You can place your order for a digital mandala, a painted mandala, a spiritual work, or a crystal mineral jewelry or other product here. Or you can write to me here if you have any questions.

    The products can be purchased directly from me, the creator / artist. They are all self-made! Mandalas – whether digital or painted – can be made for several days, it also depends on the size!
    Crystal / mineral jewelry is made from quality materials, real minerals, as well as tumblestone and pendants that can be purchased.
    Fashion jewelry is also made from quality ingredients to make them stand out from the crowd. Or they can be used for color therapy healing purposes at any time.
    On demand, I can make the dream jewelry of the desired size, color, or mineral combinations.

    Each bracelet is customized to YOU! The pictures are only standard bracelets, but when ordering, please measure the width of your palm with a ruler. This way I will know exactly what size you need! 🙂 This way, the bracelet you bought will not be too small or too big. It will be YOUR size.

    Product selection
    Choose from the site what you would like to take a picture, painting, crystal, jewelry. Click on the selected product to see its detailed description and the current quantity available from me.

    If you consider the selected product to be suitable, send the order by filling in the order form under the ORDER menu item. When ordering, state the exact name of the product in the message! Thanks!
    Alternatively, you can place your order in an email ( or in a facebook message (on the Facebook page of, or even send it to me in a personal message (Sandal-Bárány Tünde Nikoletta).
    To place an order, please provide your full name, address, and email address to which I can mail the ordered product and issue an invoice. Indicate the exact name of the ordered product in the Subject or in the message (since the form will not send it to me). Thanks!

    Only bank transfer (before mailing the product).
    As soon as the amount is received, the product will be mailed that week. For orders placed on Fridays or weekends (and days before holidays) only during the next business day or week. (This also depends on the purchase of material.)
    I store or set aside the ordered products for a maximum of 8 days! (due to holidays, other holidays this can sometimes be delayed). If the amount of the ordered product is not received within 8 days, it will be added to the product list again!

    My prices vary. They also depend on the size of the products, the size of the ordered size and their rarity. In the case of paintings, the prices are unique. If the price is written for a product, the fixed one can be purchased from me at that price.

    For each order, I will ask for the exact name, address and email address to which I can email the invoice for the product (s).
    The invoicing is sent to you by the system.
    The full purchase price together with the shipping cost must be paid in advance! 


    Bárány Tünde Nikoletta e.v. (self-employed) /Tünde Nikoletta Bárány/
    Tax number: 55953850-1-42

    Dispatch of the product (s): After receiving the bank transfer! Delivery of the finished product (s) depends on the country (minimum 3-7 days, maximum 7-15 day). /It also depends on the current virus situation!/
    Shipments are delivered and delivered by Post in the case of smaller packages and orders, and by GLS courier service in the case of several orders or packages. For smaller items, orders will be shipped as a priority and recommended package (in an air-cushioned foil envelope + wrapped).
    The delivery fee varies from country to country! 
    (Foreign packages via MPL / DHL or GLS)